Marketing Programs

IMARK Marketing Programs

Achieving a ‘win-win’… IMARK offers members and suppliers an innovative set of programs and services. 

IMARK marketing and sales development programs are designed to deepen and enhance effective working relationships among members, suppliers and supplier sales reps.

The GainShare joint planning program

GainshareThe IMARK GainShare joint market planning program for members and suppliers is a consistent driver of enhanced profitability, often resulting in increased sales and profit dollars for both members and suppliers.

The GainShare program offers members the opportunity to set annual purchase objectives with a select group of suppliers of their choosing.

Members have the ability to negotiate their purchase goals with the supplier’s representative based on local market conditions and the current level of support provided by the member to the supplier for a given product category. Members are urged to use the GainShare program as an opportunity to shift purchases from non-IMARK to IMARK suppliers and be rewarded for doing so.

Each completed and approved GainShare plan results in an annual member purchase goal that can be tracked by both parties throughout the year on the IMARK website. When the goal is achieved, the member earns additional rebate dollars and the supplier achieves or exceeds its sales goal with the member.

IMARK University, powered by

IMARK UniversityIMARK University, powered by (and hosted on the IMARK website) provides IMARK member personnel with access to high-quality web-based learning materials regarding the products and applications of all major product groups in the electrical industry.

All learning modules on IMARK University are prepared by IMARK suppliers. The typical course takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Each course includes a brief quiz to reinforce the most important elements of the information conveyed.

Member employees who successfully pass the quiz that accompanies each course receive a financial incentive ($BlueBucks). 1 $BlueBuck = 1 dollar. The number of $BlueBucks earned by member employees for passing a particular course is set and awarded by the sponsoring supplier. Members can accumulate $BlueBucks and redeem them for gift certificates from leading online retailers.